• 5 Keys to Good Hiring

    5 Keys to Good Hiring

    When it comes to retaining staff in long-term care, taking the time to hire the right people is paramount. Use the carpenter’s framework: “measure twice—cut once.”

  • I hate my body alarm

    “I hate my body alarm!” Maintaining Safety and Dignity in Long-Term Care

    Created by an administrator struggling to jump-start culture change in her care community, Through the Looking Glass is a unique program that changes staff attitudes and teaches the importance of person-centered care practices by placing staff directly in the shoes of residents—with remarkable results. Here, program creator Leslie Pedtke tells the story of Leah, a CNA who participated in the program, who had to wear a body alarm,, and the weight of the lessons the experience taught her.

  • CAREing About Falls: Preventing Falls and Falls-Related Injuries INFOGRAPHIC

    We know you’re committed to falls prevention in your care community. Use this educational poster to increase staff awareness of simple falls prevention strategies.