Health Professions Press, Inc. (HPP) is a specialist publisher of healthcare and aging-related resources. HPP’s products focus on contemporary concerns in aging and elder care, long-term care, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, wellness, and health administration. Our high-quality, evidence-based resources are of lasting value for healthcare professionals, researchers, students, and families. Recognized particularly for its titles in Alzheimer’s care, HPP has been dedicated since 1989 to advancing physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual health.

Our award-winning books and other media span the fields of aging, long-term and acute care, communication, rehabilitation, allied health, social work, psychology, and nursing. Partnering with our authors, HPP develops products and services that promote compassionate and holistic care, improve organizational leadership, foster more rewarding and satisfying care experiences, broaden professional knowledge, and preserve the individual dignity of those served.

HPP authors are among the most forward-thinking leaders of the healthcare field. With their deep experience in topics on which they write, you will find they are the experts to turn to for guidance in your endeavors. These innovative authors are transforming their fields.

HPP has a dedicated staff of publishing professionals who work in tandem to create and distribute products that can help you with your healthcare questions. Over the years, HPP has become an internationally relevant company, with its products available around the world through its network of agents and representatives and many of its books translated into other languages.

Founded in 1989 by principals of Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc. (, the two companies share offices in Baltimore, Maryland, and are proud of their similar missions grounded in helping others.