Staff Retention in Long-Term Care

The tools and resources to achieve staff stability.

This collection of resources from expert leaders in the field of long-term care provides everything you need to achieve staff stability. You’ll learn about the importance of retaining staff, how to hire the right staff, and the best programs for staff orientation and training, as well as ways to effectively foster, motivate, and empower staff.

Tools and practical resources include: Key Questions to Ask in Initial Interviews; Requirements for a Second Interview; 10 Steps to Teach Department Managers; Interview Questions for Residents, Staff, and Family Members; mentor agreement and application forms; a mentor training agenda; a Supervisor Recommendation Form for a Mentor Program; evaluation forms; sample policy guidelines; and exercises for staff to use in dealing with stress.

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This guide will discuss:

  • Staff Stability: Why and How?
  • Hiring the Right Staff
  • Staff Orientation and Training
  • Fostering, Motivating, and Empowering Staff
  • The Importance of Self-Care for Staff

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